7v7 is a game that can be played year-round, unlike traditional tackle football. This sport is great for developing route running and defensive coverage skills that will carry over to Fall. We have found that the players who do participate in 7v7 leagues in the off season with their tackle teams tend to be more prepared than those who do not when tackle season comes around. 


We believe in empowering every player, including those who dominate the trenches. That's why we've created the exclusive HP Lugnuts 7v7 program, designed specifically for offensive and defensive linemen. Here, they'll thrive in an environment where they're not only catching balls but also stepping into the quarterback's shoes. It's a unique opportunity for these crucial players to expand their skills, enhance their versatility, and elevate their game to new heights. 


SVAA Teams Timeline

  • January 2025: Registration and Team Formation 
  • February 2025: Uniform Fitting
  • March 2025: Practices Begin
  • Late March 2025: Regular Season Games
  • May 2025: Playoffs begin second week 


We proudly operate as a "No Tryout" club.


We place our trust in parents to assemble the teams they envision and will have fun with! Our commitment to this principle is reinforced by league regulations prohibiting select teams. Moreover, we firmly stand by our policy of never cutting players from rosters. Once you're part of the HP Cowboys, you're always welcomed back, year after year. We understand that every player evolves at their own pace, and we're dedicated to supporting each individual on their unique journey of growth and development.